About Us


The Rawdon Hills Community Health Centre (RHCHC) officially closed in 2015, but support for community health continues in diversified ways.  The RHCHC aimed to be a non-profit, integrated health care centre–built, owned and operated by the community and the people in the Rawdon Hills area of Hants County, Nova Scotia.
To date, many of the services and facilities at the RHCHC are no longer provided in the current location on account of policy changes by the NS Health Authority in 2016. Doctor and patient files have been relocated to Kennetcook Medical Centre.
The RHCHC is now governed by the Rawdon Hills Community Health Association.  The Association consists of a Board of Directors–a group of community volunteers who continue to work tirelessly to promote the determinants of health in the surrounding communities. They work to empower, educate and encourage individuals to take charge of their own health. 


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