Important Petition in Support of Community Health Centres

Written by rhchc on January 23rd, 2015

Nova Scotia’s Community Health Centres (CHCs) have tremendous potential to improve healthcare and wellbeing for Nova Scotians, as well as the overall sustainability of our province’s health system.

Evidence from across Canada and the United States demonstrates that CHCs deliver effective interdisciplinary primary health care; offer more comprehensive services than other models of primary care; outperform other models of primary care in treating chronic conditions and preventing hospital ER admissions; and achieve higher patient satisfaction ratings than other models of primary care.

In addition, CHCs act as economic engines, helping boost local economic development and spark social enterprise, especially in economically-deprived communities. There is perhaps no better example of this in Canada currently than the very successful Hope Blooms social enterprise — established and nurtured by Halifax’s North End CHC.

Unfortunately, CHCs in Nova Scotia do not receive any core funding from the provincial government. They are persistently starved for the basic resources offered to other health organizations in the province.

Nova Scotia’s Liberal Party has voiced strong support for CHCs and has made a commitment to implementing a provincial policy framework for CHCs in the province. We are calling on the provincial government to fulfill this commitment and to commit to funding core operating budgets for all CHCs  in Nova Scotia.

We urge you to support this call to action by adding your name to our online petition below.

Please copy and paste this address into your search bar to sign the petition.

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