Heritage Calendar Winner – Cora Dalrymple

Written by admin on February 7th, 2013

 Congratulations to Cora Dalrymple whose name was drawn as the  winner of the heritage calendar contest. She did a great job in correctly identifying over 50% of the contest answers. A big thank you to all those who supported the health centre by purchasing a calendar and to those who contributed by submitting items and by entering our contest.

Here are the correct answers – see how close you were!


1.Alfred Blois

2.Maggie Custance, Inspector Campbell, Jackie Custance

3.Mr.&Mrs.Lorne Barron

4.Dr. Snow

5.Mr.&Mrs.E.J. Barron

6.Dr. MacLellan

7.Minnie Roulston, M & Annie Britton, Emma Roulston


1.Rawdon Gold Mines

2.Centre Rawdon

3.Church of Christ, West Gore

4.Centre Rawdon


6.Upper Rawdon

7.East Gore

8.United Church, West Gore


1.Courthouse Hill

2.Lower Nine Mile River

3.Rawdon gold Mines – Bond Canteen

4.Meehan Homestead (Cunard)

5.Wellwood Homestead

6.Roulston Homestead, Roulston’s Corner

7.Riverside Corner Post Office

8.Kennetcook Hotel


1.Bruce Barkhouse Store

2.Bill Lawrence’s Garage

3.Withrow’s – Upper Rawdon

4.John Withrow in front of store

5.Campell’s store








1.Clyde & Hilda Blois

2.Rae & Keith Casey

3.Donna & Harlan Pick

4.Claude & Helen Campbell

5.Marian & George Wellwood

6.Winston & Rae Meehan


1.West Gore Garden Club

2.1st of July Float – Alice Bond

3.Mariene MacDougall, Joyce MacDougall, Doreen Bond, Russell Bond, Ross Bond, Joy Smith, Clyde Redden

4.Linda MacPhee, Shirley Fletcher, Valerie Fenton

5.Shirley Fletch, Valerie Fenton

6.Sunday School Picnic, West Gore, Hazel Simm in centre

7.Lynn Malko, Heather Blackburn, Carol Mosher, Orma Singer


1.Charlie Bond

2.Keith Casey, Ivan Weir, John Withrow, Norman Casey, Jim Withrow, Reg Elliott, Dennis Casey, Norman Page, Reg Turner, Earl Campbell, Sammy Wood

3.Horse racing – Noel

4.West Gore Tennis Club

5.Wilma Weatherhead, Janice White, Juanita Anthony, Gerry Bruce


1.Rawdon Gold Mines School

2.Rawdon Gold Mines School

3.Upper Nine Mile River Schol

4.West Gore School


1.Skirt lifter

2.Meat tenderizer

3.Pie crimper

4.Apple peeler

5.Butter paddle

6.Salt celler

7.Hair receiver

8.Arie’s store

9.Fenton’s – Clarksville

10.Sid Smith’s  - Stanley


1.Antimony Mines – West Gore

2.Rawdon Gold Mines – Centre Rawdon Moxom Hill

3.Antimony Mines Crew

4.George & Billy Wellwood

5.John Dearman

6.Austin MacPhee


1.Esther Grant

2.Mary DeWolfe

3.Thomas Weatherhead

4.Pearl Neil

5.Willard Custance

6.Shirley MacPhee

7.Hants North Rural High – before the fire

8.Hants North Rural High – ruins

9.Leona Smith

10.Verna Weatherhead

11.Shirley Nicol

12. Ardis Bond

13.Helen Robarts

14.Anita Bond

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